About us

Known for fast and flexible financing packages, 100 percent Hungarian-owned CITY-FAKTOR Zrt. and CITY-LEASING Zrt. are renowned actors on the local financial services market.

CITY-FAKTOR’s factoring products offer an obvious solution to businesses who need capital tied down in outstanding invoices to ensure stable operations, irrespective of postponed payment deadlines. As a factoring company, we satisfy our partner’s financing needs through the factoring of invoices not yet past due for goods/services confirmed delivered/completed.

Since its foundation in 2001, also entirely Hungarian-owned CITY-LEASING went through a number of name alterations before taking on its current name. In the past 15 years, its open- and closed-end financial leasing services have garnered the company the appreciation of its clients as well as the leasing industry as a whole. The financial packages provided by CITY-LEASING offer businesses looking to procure vehicles, machinery and other equipment a fast and highly competitive solution.

CITY-FAKTOR Zrt. and CITY-LEASING Zrt. are members of the Hungarian Factoring Association and the Hungarian Leasing Association, respectively. These memberships offer a further guarantee for the quality of our services and the reliability of our businesses.

As independent financial service providers, we have our consistently productive business policies to thank for our successes and unimpeded growth. These policies are grounded upon our reliability as well as our comprehensive expertise, and center on our commitment to offer our clients fast and flexible financing solutions tailored to their individual needs. Our associates have always strived to build highly personal, trust-based relationships with our partners, who in turn have rewarded us with many years of loyalty.